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Fix it! Do it! Accidentally unscrew it! It’s time to fix things with Soos!

I can’t get enough of the terrible after effects

It took me a good while to realize I was not watching youtube poop, and that’s just perfect.

God this really is made for a very specific generation isn’t it…. the fucking Daft Punk reference, the shitty 90s airbrush artwork with pyramids and mystical bullshit, the compression green screen artifacts… it was worth waiting for it to come out in english and not russian

Soos is so perfect

god bless gravity falls

so perfect

Oh God

Random dumb story time
(because random  dumb story time)

In my cinematography class, Our teacher (industry legend, worked on so many films) had us produce a very short film each week. Limiting us to a certain amount of shots, certain kind of shots, or shots to demonstrate a certain technique.

He kept stressing that it was something that we needed to take very seriously, and use either the school’s camera equipment, or whatever we had ; Make it as best we could, and plan ahead.
He specifically said “don’t just do it last minute with your cellphone”.

so right around mid-terms I film my project after a class I had in the afternoon, but the actor I had asked to help me out wasn’t being cooperative, so I decided to scrap it. 

Then comes the day before the next cinematography class, and I forgot to reshoot. I Grab my phone and my dad who was more than happy to help, film the easiest establishing, close up, and extreme close up. popped that bad-boy into nuke and quickly comp some stuff, and added some cool glitchy effects on the last shot 

Quickly edited it together, put it on my thumb-drive and proudly handed that quick n dirty project in.

My teacher frigging loved it, he was “especially impressed with the quality of the footage”.

his face was priceless when I told him at the end of the quarter.

fake it till you make it I guess hahaha